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Introducing Gather My Crew, the online tool to help those in a health crisis.

I have spent the better part of 20 years as a psychologist, supporting those who are going through a health crisis. Whether it’s a cancer diagnosis, a traumatic spinal injury or a child born with a congenital condition, in each instance the family dealing with the crisis is thrown in to turmoil.

Part of the job was to help families find a way through the turmoil – to pull themselves together as best they could, to put one foot in front of the other until they could find their way out of the chaos.

Regardless of the specific crisis, these discussions always included ways to engage their support network to make sure they got the practical help needed to help them through the often dark months ahead.

There are often friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and extended networks who are standing at the ready, but who do not know how to best help the ones in need. We have all heard of the situation where, as the news of a cancer diagnosis spreads, the lasagnes start piling up at the front door. Each lasagne has been made with love and care by someone wanting to help, but it was not always what the family really needed to get through the day.

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