If you need support

support and hugs

Anyone can use Gather My Crew.

The first step is to register with Gather My Crew and generate a help request.

Follow these easy steps to get started. You may find it easier to ask a loved one to manage this process for you.

The first step in using Gather My Crew is to register. Registering your details will keep track of the needs you identify and the tasks being completed by your crew. Once registered you can follow the prompts within the online tool.


This information will be shared with your crew. It tells them who needs help, why help is needed and the details of the person setting up and managing your Gather My Crew account.

add details

The needs selected become the tasks your crew can accept. Look at all of the topic headings and consider the many challenges over the coming weeks. You can add to this list over time as you need.

select help needed

Enter names and email addresses of your personal network. An email invitation to join your crew will be sent to each person. Think broadly about your network; don’t forget about neighbours, extended family, parents at school, work colleagues, or sporting clubs.

nominate crew members

This section is to ensure that your crew members have all of the information they need to accept the task – and complete it. The compulsory details are at the top of the list. You will need to provide these details in order to ‘finalise’ this section.

add task details

The Gather My Crew calendar combines all of the information you’ve entered to become your ‘home page’ when logging in. Here you can monitor the account, add and remove tasks, and keep track of all the wonderful help provided by your crew.


Visit our FAQs page if you have further enquiries.