Crew Members

provide support

Crew Members are those who are providing the help.

You can provide help via Gather My Crew only if you have received an email invitation.

If you want to help someone but have not received an invitation, you could:

  • Tell them about Gather My Crew so they can create an account
  • Offer to set up an account for them
  • Offer to be a Crew Member

Follow these easy steps to use Gather My Crew as a Crew Member.

To register as a Crew Member, you must use the link in the invitation email sent to you. Invitation emails link you to the Gatherer’s account.


Once you have registered, you will be able to see the help requests from your Gatherer. These can be seen here as red circles. Click on the circle to see the task details and accept the task.

You can see a full list of the help requested by clicking on the ‘tasks’ list. Here you can keep track of the tasks you have accepted (my tasks) and the unallocated tasks. You can accept an unallocated task by clicking the ‘accept task’ button.

You will receive an email reminder the day before any accepted tasks are due.

email reminder

Visit the FAQs page for more information about how to use Gather My Crew.