User Tips

Don’t set up a full 6 weeks of tasks in quick set up.

Filling everything out at once can get overwhelming – and takes time.

I found it much better to set up a few tasks to get things rolling – and then come back and add some more over the next week or so. I would recommend starting with 7 or 8 tasks.

Use Facebook to help gather your Crew

If you have friends on Facebook – but you don’t have their current contact details – send out a note on Facebook asking them to DM you with their emails  or mobile numbers if they want to be a part of your Crew.

Have all details ready before you start.

If you are setting up an account on behalf of someone else (like a proxy) make sure they know that you are doing it.

We were all so excited to help out our friend – but didn’t realise we would need email addresses or mobile numbers to get started!

It is best if they are there to tell you when it is most convenient for people to help.

Remember to check your account

If you are a Crew Member, put an alert on your phone to remind you to check the account each week.

Sometimes requests for help were added and I missed them because I forgot to check my account!

Don’t be shy asking for help

If all of the tasks are accepted quickly by your Crew and there are Crew Members missing out on helping – add more tasks!

I had people contacting me because they had missed out and wanted to do something.

I used the list of ‘Social’ tasks a lot during my treatment.

My friends found it really helpful to know when they could drop by and visit – and when I wanted to be left alone to rest.

Don’t waste time at the start inviting too many people to join your Crew.

I invited about 40 people in Quick Set Up and then did not have enough stuff for all of them to do!

I would start with about 10 and then add people as you go along.

Make sure you add extra information to meal tasks.

Friends wanted to know exactly what to cook for us.

I added a simple note in the details section telling them what food we like to eat – and even on which days. They were happy to have the extra guidance.

Keep the extra detail simple.

At the start, I spent so much time entering heaps of written information for each task and thanking everyone over and over… It took SO long.

By the end, my information was really short and to the point. My Crew told me it was so much easier to understand what I wanted. I wish I had done it right from the start!

Consider designating a ‘sweeper’ within your Crew.

We had someone who regularly checked for tasks that were still unallocated after a week or so.

She was then able to pick up these tasks that others were not able to do. Just make sure this person has the flexible spare time to help.