What is Gather My Crew

free online tool gather my crew

Gather My Crew is an online help roster that uses technology to make it easy to ask for and coordinate the right kind of help from friends and family when going through a tough time.

Our free online help roster links people in need to their own network of ‘helpers’ in an easy and coordinated way.

Gather My Crew can be set up on a computer, tablet or smartphone and used to coordinate helpers to assist with:

  • Jobs around the home
  • Medical appointments
  • Daily chores
  • Young children
  • Transport
  • Arranging an outing

Watch the video below where psychologist and founder of Gather My Crew Dr Susan Palmer introduces the initiative.

How Gather My Crew works

1. Choose the help needed

The first step is to enter the help that is needed. We have listed a range of common help requests under categories. Users can select as many or as few of these as they wish and can add to the list over time.

2. Invite Crew Members to help out

The next step is to enter the names and email addresses of Crew Members. An email invitation will be sent to each person asking them to become part of the Crew. We encourage people to think broadly about who is in their community and include neighbours, extended family, parents at school or work colleagues. People want to help – they just need to know how.

3. Crew Members accept tasks

As the Crew Members sign up, they will be able to see the help requested by the Gatherer and accept only the tasks that they choose. This can all be seen and coordinated by the Gatherer through the calendar.

4. Communicate via our message function

Gatherers and Crew Members can keep up to date and communicate with each other via the message function. This is also the place to upload important documents that need to be shared or favorite family recipes. Gatherers can send a group email to all Crew Members (eg. notifications or updates) or post on the Message Board (eg. reference material for a specific task).

Online help roster

The Gather My Crew system then coordinates all of this information in a central, interactive calendar that can be accessed by both Gatherers and Crew Members.

Gather My Crew sends regular email updates and reminders for as long as the account is active. This ensures that everyone is aware of when help is needed and knows when an accepted task is due to be carried out.

Who can use Gather My Crew

Anyone can use our free online rostering tool. Gather My Crew works in any situation where coordinated help would benefit a person or family in need.

We encourage anyone who feels that Gather My Crew would be of help to get online and create an account.

Examples of where Gather My Crew has been used include;

  • cancer treatment
  • stroke recovery
  • spinal injury
  • premature baby
  • sudden death
  • divorce
  • house fire
  • ageing parents

Watch the video below to find out more about how Gather My Crew works.