Creating Gather My Crew

We have worked hard to understand the challenges that exist for people who need help – so we can address them.

Creating Gather My Crew

Gather My Crew is a simple concept built on the professional experience of psychologist and researcher Dr Susan Palmer.

In 2015 Dr Palmer interviewed (i) people who had experienced tough times, (ii) the families who supported them, and (iii) the clinicians who guided them throughout their journey.

This research identified three barriers preventing people getting the ‘right kind of help’ from their support network;

  • People find asking for help difficult and confronting.
  • Family and friends don’t know what help is actually needed.
  • Coordinating ongoing help is complicated and time consuming.

Gather My Crew was created to overcome these barriers and make asking for and coordinating help from friends and family much easier.

First barrier – asking for help

Many people find the act of asking for help to be confronting and embarrassing.

Gather My Crew addresses this by sending electronic email invites to Crew Members – who can then pick and choose when they are able to help via the online help roster.

Second barrier – knowing what help is actually needed

Gather My Crew pivots around a ‘click and select’ list of practical tasks to identify the help required.

This ‘wish list’ has been created by people who have gone through tough times before. It encourages people to think broadly about the ways their friends and family can offer support.

This unique approach also means that people using Gather My Crew do not have to think about the type of help they need at a time when they are unlikely to be thinking clearly – and provides friends and family with a specific list of the ‘right kind of help’ they can provide.

Third barrier – coordinating it all

The details of the help requested is combined in an online help roster that can be viewed by both the Gatherer and the Crew Members. Further request for help can be added as needed and the Gatherer can communicate with the group via the message board function.

Unfortunately, this service is not available in the US just yet. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Watch the video below where Dr Susan Palmer explains how the idea for Gather My Crew came about.