How it works?

how it works

How it works is Gather My Crew directly linking people in need to their own network of ‘helpers’ in an easy and coordinated way through an online tool. This tool pivots around a list of ‘needs’. This list identifies a range of practical tasks that are part of daily living.

Gatherers identify their needs and develop a list of tasks that their network can help with. They then invite their network, or ‘crew’, via email to provide assistance in whatever way they can. These tasks are recorded and coordinated through a central calendar that is monitored by the Gatherer.

Gather My Crew can be used to coordinate a team of helpers to assist with things like:

  • Jobs around the home
  • Medical appointments
  • Daily chores
  • Young children
  • Transport
  • Arranging an outing.

Gather My Crew makes it possible for normal life to go on, even when crisis strikes.

Watch the video below to find out more about how Gather My Crew works. For more information, you can learn more here.