Who benefits

who benefits from gather my crew

Anyone going through a tough time will benefit from Gather My Crew.

Gather My Crew bridges the gap between those who need help and their personal network who are able to provide help.

Users of Gather My Crew are called Gatherers and Crew Members.

A Gatherer is:

  • Someone who is able to coordinate their own help; or
  • Someone coordinating help for a person in need

Crew Members are people who are willing, able and ready to help.

Benefits for Gatherers

Gather My Crew makes it easier to ask for, and coordinate, the right kind of help.

Further benefits for Gatherers include:

  • Limiting embarrassment felt by people not comfortable asking for help.
  • Reducing isolation often felt during times of need
  • Reducing negative impacts such as anxiety and distress
  • Improving the ability to focus on getting through each day
  • Allowing someone else to coordinate help
  • Enabling family members to keep working to limit financial pressure.

Lisa’s story

In the video below, cancer survivor Lisa Hinchy shares her story and explains how Gather My Crew would have helped her family during her crisis.

Benefits for Crew Members

Gather My Crew, via the online roster, makes it easier for Crew Members to accept only the tasks they are able to do. They are not put in the position of having to turn down requests for help or accept tasks they can’t do.

Family, friends, colleagues and neighbours benefit from knowing they are providing genuinely useful support.

Community benefits

Gather My Crew can reduce pressure on health services, hospitals and community support services that have limited resources.