Why Gather My Crew

Gather My Crew is a simple concept built on the professional experience of psychologist and researcher Dr Susan Palmer.

Dr Palmer regularly witnessed the breakdown between a family in need of help and their support network who were eager to provide support.

Creating Gather My Crew

The idea of creating a digital solution to this problem came about in 2015 after Dr Palmer interviewed (i) survivors of crisis, (ii) the families who supported them, and (iii) the clinicians who guided them throughout their journey.

The research identified three barriers that prevented people receiving the right kind of help from their support network;

  • People in crisis do not know what help they need or how to ask for it.
  • Friends and family do not know how they can best help and don’t want to ‘intrude’ by providing unwanted help.
  • Coordinating help in an ongoing way is complicated and time consuming.

Gather My Crew was created to overcome these barriers and make the coordination of help from friends and family much easier.