Why Gather My Crew

Gather My Crew is a simple concept, built on the professional experience of psychologist Dr Susan Palmer who has spent her career supporting people dealing with cancer, spinal cord injury and a range of complex health conditions.

She was constantly hearing cries for help such as:

  • ‘I can’t keep on top of things’
  • ‘I just need some sleep’
  • ‘The house is in chaos’
  • ‘We have no clean clothes’
  • ‘My other kids need some of my time.’

These families were deep in the chaos of a crisis and could not see a way out. And, yet, they admitted there were people around them who could help and many who had even offered help.

Help is available

Why were all these people still feeling like they were not getting the support they needed? This happens for a number of reasons:

  • They may have been given flowers when they really needed laundry done
  • The offers for help were ‘shout out if you need me’ and they felt embarrassed to ask
  • They hid their need for support behind a façade of coping
  • Support was there at the beginning but as time passed it was no longer being offered.

Bridging the gap

Help and support were available – if only the gap between the people in crisis and support network could be breached. So after years of hearing these stories, Susan found a way to bridge this gap, to make things work better, and to provide a process to make getting the right help from the right people at the right time less complicated and less time-consuming: Gather My Crew.