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We all face times of crisis.

Illness, an accident, a premature baby, a dying parent or a flood or fire can turn life upside down and make it impossible to manage all the daily tasks that allow normal life to go on.

Gather My Crew is a way to get the help you need when going through tough times.

The online rostering tool allows you to ‘Gather’ (or ask for) the practical help you need from your ‘Crew Members’ (friends, family, neighbours and colleagues) and lets your ‘Crew’ to decide when and how they will help.

Gather My Crew is free and easy to use.


List Task

Choose the tasks you need help with


Invite your friends

Invite your personal network to lend a hand


Task Accepted

Your friends accept the tasks they can help with


Gather My Crew works by directly linking people in need to their own network of ‘helpers’ in an easy and coordinated way through an online tool. This tool pivots around a list of ‘needs’. This list identifies a range of practical tasks that are part of daily living.



Once a Gatherer has used the list to identify their needs, they then invite their ‘Crew’ to choose which tasks they wish to help with. These tasks are recorded and coordinated through a central calendar that is monitored by the Gatherer.

Gather My Crew can be used to coordinate a team of helpers to assist with things like:


Mon, 8th May
Icon spaceship

Every Monday, Kate will

Make school lunchboxes

Kate confirmed


Icon Car

Today, Tom will

Transport kids to school

Tom confirmed


Wed, 10th May
Icon spaceship

Grocery Shopping

Task not yet accepted


Icon spaceship

Every Wednesday, Angela will

Walk the dog

Angela confirmed


Icon spaceship

Every Wednesday, Sally will


Sally confirmed


Thur, 11th May
Icon spaceship

Today, Nickolas will


Nickolas confirmed


 Received an invitation to offer someone support? Find out how to activate your account


"I was so lucky to have family & friends that offered help but coordinating that help was an administrative nightmare, especially at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed with everything else going on. Gather My Crew makes sure people can help in a way that makes a difference.” Kate. Gatherer

“Being able to use this tool has been life changing. I do not know how I could have coped over these past months without it.” Helen. Gatherer

“I have found Gather My Crew easy to use. I would recommend it.”  Deanne. Crew Member

“I have found Gather My Crew very useful & have been able to help a friend out while she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatment which has made me feel like I am actually doing something rather than just sitting back feeling helpless while she struggles.” Meesha. Crew Member

“Gather My Crew is a great concept. I have been impressed by the simple to use app & website & will recommend it to anyone going through crisis.” Shane Jamieson. Manager Youngcare Connect

“Great idea. It takes the awkwardness out of ‘asking for help’ – you simply list what you need assistance with, & the ‘who’ is taken out of your hands via the use of an email contact list.” Kristine. Crew Member

“Gather My Crew is a brilliant service. It assists people in their greatest time of need to gain the assistance that they actually need, which is a much harder process than it seems.” Carmel Gamble. Breast Cancer Clinical Nurse Consultant. Holy Spirit Northside Hospital.

“I have found Gather My Crew to be a great help & am continuing to use it for meal & housework help with tasks now scheduled up until my radio therapy treatment is due to finish. Thank you for creating a tool that helps others provide tangible help in a time of need.” Karen. Gatherer

"I'm impressed by how its skilfully designed features address key challenges that come up time & again for families who need support, & am sure that it will be an invaluable asset to people who use it & for their communities.” Tim Rogers. Head of Professional Standards & Practice RedKite 

“Gather My Crew is a unique, accessible tool that helps anyone who is living through a crisis connect with others & access support in a simple, coordinated way. It is a fabulous resource that will benefit people in crisis, their families & those willing to act as support.” Lucy Holland. Social Worker

“This is a great initiative. It provides families with the practical assistance from those around them to support them when dealing with a cancer diagnosis & its treatment.” Kate Thompson. Manager. ONTrac at PeterMac-The Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service

Enabling normal life to go on

Experiencing a crisis can be overwhelming.

Gather My Crew makes it possible for normal life to go on, even when crisis strikes.

You can use Gather My Crew to coordinate a team of helpers to assist around the home, with medical appointments, with daily chores, with young children, with transport or to arrange an outing.

Watch Dr Susan Palmer, psychologist and founder of Gather My Crew, introduce the initiative in this video.